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Music of the Week – 26th October, 2022

The Playlist

Taylor Swift - Midnights

Sweet Nothing

Artist: Taylor Swift 

Midnights is now the world’s most streamed album in 24 hours. Taylor Swift really needs no introduction and while some critics don’t seem to be entirely happy, the fans have spoken and they love it.

The initial single was Anti-Hero but given you’ve almost certainly heard that, our pick is Sweet Nothing. A song that shows that Taylor is still 100% Taylor.

Listen to it here.

Bibio - BIB10

Off Goes The Light

Artist: Bibio

BIB10 is the 10th album from Bibio and Stephen Wilkinson is back and in fine form. We liked the combination of old-school sound and truly vintage guitar to create an almost folksy feel to this “party album”.

The lead single is Off Goes The Light and you can hear the evolution in sound from previous releases. It’s a career milestone that is being well-celebrated.

Listen to it here.

Dawn Richard and Spencer Zahn - Pigments


Artist: Dawn Richard & Spencer Zahn 

Pigments is a collaborative project between Spencer Zahn, the instrumentalist, and the pop-art darling Dawn Richard. The song Cerulean is where Dawn really lets go and shows just what her powerful voice can do.

The guitar, electronics and strings do well to boost this power. Overall, it’s a strange album that needs repeated listens but we think everyone should enjoy Cerulean.

Listen to it here.

Greta Kline - Inner World Peace

Empty Head

Artist: Frankie Cosmos

Inner World Peace is the rarest of things, an angry lo-fi album. Where it excels is in the ability to acknowledge anger without ever becoming petulant or entitled.

Empty Head is a solid, sensitive number that invites you to feel how the band feels without becoming a lecture or chiding. This is a very comfortable record to listen to, probably not world changing, but enjoyable enough.

Listen to it here.

Loyle Carner - hugo


Artist: Loyle Carner

Hugo is Londoner Loyle Carner’s 3rd album and it’s a deeply intelligent record which is as much a jazz number as it is a rap record.

Hate is the big single and it lets you know exactly what you can expect as he explores his own identity, his familial relationships, and his mixed-race roots and upbringing. Without a doubt this is the best album of his career so far.

Listen to it here.

Tegan & Sara - Crybaby

I Can’t Grow Up

Artist: Tegan & Sara

Indie rockers Tegan & Sara release their 10th record this week, Crybaby. I Can’t Grow Up starts with “You’re a hangman killing my hope” and that sets the bleak tone for what is an excellent number and a solid album.

However, there’s no doubt that this is the kind of record that has such a downer on the world, that you’re going to need to be in a very specific mood to appreciate it.

Listen to it here.

Ile - Nacarile

Ningún Lugar

Artist: iLe

Nacarile is the latest record from Puerto Rico’s finest iLe and like all her previous records there’s an introspective feel to things. The latest is a collection of reggaeton and synth-pop quite unlike anything on most people’s record shelves today.

Ningún Lugar, which features Trueno, is almost a lullaby. Every track is different and every one is worth appreciating though on this album.

Listen to it here.

Archers of Loaf - Reason in Decline

In The Surface Noise

Artist: Archers of Loaf

Reason in Decline is the result of a decade’s reunion and comes 24 years after the Archers of Loaf’s last studio album! “Insurrection / You ask no questions / You take what belongs to you,” is how In The Surface Noise lets you know that this is a political album.

Frustratingly, this is an album of highs and lows, and we’re not sure that the highs overpower the lows but do check out the single, it’s great.

Listen to it here.

Nick Hakim - COMETA

Feeling Myself

Artist: Nick Hakim

COMETA is the latest release from an old industry hand, Nick Hakim. And here he takes things up and down a notch from previous albums.

It opens with an almost lo-fi presence and it’s not until you hit Feeling Myself that you find the Nick Hakim we all know and love.

This is an exciting record that incorporates a lot of musical progress, we’ll certainly be spinning it up again soon.

Listen to it here.

Jesse Harris - Silver Balloon

The Hanged Man

Artist: Jesse Harris

Silver Balloon is a sci-fi inspired, jazz influenced work of strangeness that will either click with you or leave you cold. We liked the playful feel of the album and our standout track The Hanged Man has an incredible and unique guitar sound.

The star of the show though is the H3000 Harmonizer which was first popularized in the 1970s, check it out, you’ll see what we mean.

Listen to it here.

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