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Music of the Week – 30th November, 2022

Stormzy - This Is What I Mean

My Presidents Are Black

Artist: Stormzy

This Is What I Mean is Stormzy’s third album and, mainly, it’s a tour of his romantic failures. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean he’s given up his flexing attitude and political rage.

My Presidents Are Black is an excellent example of this where he wrecks the racism of the music industry and takes a huge swipe at the government too. This is a mature, subtle record that pays dividends on repeat listening.

Listen to it here.

Elder - Innate Passage

Merged In Dreams – Ne Plus Ultra

Artist: Elder

Innate Passage is the sixth release from a band that can never really be certain if they’re all about the metal or all about the prog.

Merged In Dreams – Ne Plus Ultra is an absolute beast of a track which weighs in at nearly 15 minutes long. It happily meanders between almost trance like synth moments and cunning post-rock heaviness as it rolls by.

Listen to it here.

The Smith Street Band - Life After Football

Everyone Is Lying To You For Money

Artist: The Smith Street Band

Life After Football is the sixth outing for Australia’s indie rock legends and it’s packed with songwriting punchiness, clever lyricism and genuine emotional sentiment.

It’s their post-lockdown outing and as you might expect that’s a heavy influence on proceedings. We loved Everyone Is Lying To You For Money but this is an album with almost no filler, it’s worth listening to in its entirety.

Listen to it here.

Waajeed - Memoirs Of Hi-Tech Jazz

The Ballad of Robert O’Bryant

Artist: Waajeed

Memoirs Of Hi-Tech Jazz is that wonderful balance between Detroit’s past and future in glorious techno.

There’s no shame in drawing on past glories and forging something bright from it and it works well here. We loved the orchestration on The Ballad of Robert O’Bryant and we can see this record packing out dancefloors over the winter.

Listen to it here.

Big Yavo - The Largest

Flip Phone

Artist: Big Yavo

The Largest caught us unaware this week and the 22 tracks on this record definitely showcase Big Yavo’s energy and authenticity.

Flip Phone features his fellow rapper from Alabama Rylo Rodriguez and this is the two men at their peak, raging over the hustler required to stay on top and having a ton of fun into the mix.

Listen to it here.

G Jones - Illusory Tracks


Artist: G Jones

Illusory Tracks is a breakbeat and trap nostalgia trip that transports the listener back to the early days of EDM and house parties.

You can almost see the rivers of sweat coming off dancers by the time you hit the midpoint and our stand out track R.A.V.E. The whole thing is a testament to the brilliance of G Jones and it will leave you transformed by the end.

Listen to it here.

Royal Flush - Splash Of Royalty

Shiver Me Timbers (feat. Lil Yeelong)

Artist: Royal Flush

Splash Of Royalty is a solid but not stand out release from Royal Flush that is let down, in parts, by lyricism that’s just too childish to be entirely funny.

However, Shiver Me Timbers is a definite highlight and gets all the elements of the songs right. We’ll give the rest of the record some repeat plays in case it’s a keeper, but we don’t have huge hopes for it.

Listen to it here.

Hieroglyphic Being - There Is No Acid In This House

Deconstructing The Path

Artist: Hieroglyphic Being

There Is No Acid In This House is an Afro-Futurist wonder and this third album marks Hieroglyphic Being’s strongest offering to date.

We suspect that they have been Deconstructing the Path of least resistance to create something much more radical than their previous offerings. This raw mix of acid house, mechanical sounds and ambient works really well.

Listen to it here.

Money Man - Blackout: The Sequel


Artist: Money Man

Blackout: The Sequel is the follow up to the very recent “Blackout” and brings those eager for more Money Man 10 new tracks.

They’re all around the 2 minute mark, though, so you should be able to listen to the album at any time of day that suits and fit it all in in one go. If you can’t, then check out Boujee and enjoy an excellent hip hop slice to whet your appetite for more.

Listen to it here.

Mylene Farmer - L'Emprise


Artist: Mylene Farmer

L’Emprise is the cult artist Mylene Farmer’s latest offering and she’s teamed up with some serious electro artists on this outing – look out for Moby, Archive and more here.

You can’t believe that she’s in her 60s when she sings L’Emprise and if you’re hankering for some odd French pop music this week, this is definitely what you need.

Listen to it here.

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