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Music of the Week – 9th November, 2022

The Playlist

Coco & Clair Clair - Sexy

8 AM

Artist: Coco & Clair Clair

Sexy is the debut full-length release from Coco 7 Clair Clair and it’s exactly the sort of playful rap/pop that we’d hoped for.

As you might expect from an act that has built its reputation on stellar singles, each track is perfect for consumption by itself as well as part of a larger piece.

8 AM is the first single and an appropriate place for anybody to start with this act. 

Listen to it here.

Connie Constance - Miss Power

Hurt You

Artist: Connie Constance

Miss Power is the sophomore effort from Connie Constance and it’s a clever blend of a myriad of different styles, which ought to feel messy but never gets out of control.

Hurt You is the best way to sample the wares with a wonderful post-punk groove that gets hold of you and won’t let go. We’re very much looking forward to where Connie Constance goes next with her career.

Listen to it here.

R.A.P. Ferreira - 5 to the Eye with Stars

mythsysizer instinct

Artist: R.A.P. Ferreira

5 to the Eye with Stars is the new album from R.A.P Ferreira and it’s a lot softer and more toned down than we’d expected.

The production is fantastic and really places emphasis on the lyricism of this poet’s efforts.

Mythsysizer Instinct features Hemlock Ernst and the two work very well together, it’s a solid single from a decent but not world-beating record.

Listen to it here.

Marvin Tate's D-Settlement - Marvin Tate's D-Settlement

Turn Da Fuckin’ Lights Back On

Artist: Marvin Tate’s D-Settlement

Marvin Tate’s D-Settlement is a tribute to one of the best bands that almost nobody has ever heard of. It contains pretty much all of their released material and a few extras too.

Turn Da Fuckin’ Lights Back On is how it all opens up and it’s a funny, groovy track that celebrates the versatility of their music. Check it out, it would be hard not to find something you love on this record.

Listen to it here.

Phoenix - Alpha Zulu

Season 2

Artist: Phoenix

Alpha Zulu is a post-lockdown celebration of coming back to life and coming just 25 years after their debut, Phoenix are sounding fresher than they ever have done before.

Season 2 is a perfect example of the slow, introspective nature of the songs on this record and our only complaint is that the album is too short at just 35 minutes long.

Listen to it here.

Surya Botofasina - Everyones Children

Surya Meditation

Artist: Surya Botofasina 

Everyone’s Children is something a bit different. It’s a blend of “spiritual jazz, meditative new age and ambient”.

We especially liked Surya Meditation as a track which seemed to set the pace and tone for the album as a whole. It’s a warm vibrant record that seems to embody decency and care.

Listen to it here.

Big Joanie - Back Home

In My Arms

Artist: Big Joanie

Back Home is their first LP for their new label and Big Joanie bring their bombastic black feminist punk sound to new levels here.

“One day I’ll make the great escape/And send another you away/But now I dream/Of only you in my arms,” they offer on the anthemic In My Arms and if you only listen to one single this year, this might be the one to choose.

Listen to it here.

Ami Dang - The Living World Demands

A Muted Crime

Artist: Ami Dang

The Living World Demands is supposed to be an exploration of how heavy and emotional life can be in today’s day and age. That’s a pretty ambitious scope and, mainly, it succeeds.

A Muted Crime is early in the play order and conveys a fair amount of emotional tension, but it prepares the ground for other lighter moments. This is an interesting experimental album that bears repeat listening.

Listen to it here.

SAULT - AIIR, Earth, Today & Tomorrow, UNTITLED (God), 11

Life We Rent But Love Is Rent Free

Artist: SAULT

AIIR, Earth, Today & Tomorrow, UNTITLED (God), 11 represent the titles of five, yes, five albums that are available for free on the band’s website, all you have to do is guess the password to unlock them all!

Life we rent but love is rent free is a very worthy single, but given that all the music here is free, why not just download the lot and enjoy?

Listen to it here.

Rayland Baxter - If I Were A Butterfly

Rubberband Man

Artist: Rayland Baxter

If I Were A Butterfly is the fourth album from Tennessee’s Rayland Baxter and was recorded in a marathon one-year session at a recording studio in the Kentucky countryside!

Whether it was worth that much effort, only you can decide. But Rubberband Man is a charming effort that’s meant to convey what it is like to roll with the punches of modern life and we liked it a lot.

Listen to it here.

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