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Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock ’n’ Roll Music

If you love rock’n’roll, you’re going to love Mystery Train

There’s nothing quite as American, in the eyes of the world, as Rock’N’Roll.

Mystery Train

Why We Love Mystery Train

Greil Marcus, in 1975, wondered how the relationship between this contemporary art form and the greater culture and national identity was formed. 

So, he went deep under the surface of rock’n’roll to find out and he honed in on six artists in particular, Sly Stone, The Band, Elvis Presley, Robert Johnson, Randy Newman and Harmonica Frank to do so. 

The resulting output is a fascinating deconstruction of rock and it should inspire a lifetime of listening pleasure.

This is the first and one of the most accomplished books to try and dissect the entire movement of rock n roll and it does so brilliantly.

Mystery Train is an important read for any music fan trying to place the music they love into the bigger picture of life. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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