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Music of the Week – 28th September, 2022

The Playlist

Chiyoda, Arkansas, Manila

Flowers - Peter Matthew Bauers

Artist: Peter Matthew Bauer

The new album Flowers is an entertaining ride with plenty to sink your teeth in.

Our top pick, Chiyoda, Arkansas, Manila is the outro track and it leaves us with a statement about how hard it is to trust, ‘They don’t know how I feel / They are not your friends / it’s just where you grew up’ but offers hope that we will find our people all the same.

Listen to it here.


Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam - The Comet Is Coming

Artist: The Comet Is Coming

Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam is one of those albums that’s so experimental that you either love it or hate it on first play and we loved it.

CODE is all about exploring the hidden meanings that lay within people and our “code” (e.g. DNA). This was four days well spent in Peter Gabriel’s Real World studio to lay down the essence of The Comet is Coming.

Listen to it here.


Weather Alive - Beth Ortoin

Artist: Beth Orton

Weather Alive is Beth Orton’s eighth album, believe it or not, and fans are calling it her best ever! We wouldn’t disagree.

Our standout track, “Lonely” is all about how Beth felt after the death of both her parents while she was in her teens.

It’s a delicate, fragile moment and typifies the vulnerability on display throughout the record.

Listen to it here.

Worth It

World Tour - Young RJ

Artist: Young RJ

Before World Tour came out, Young RJ told the world, “I ain’t been lucky in a long time.” Well, we don’t know if it was luck or skill but this record is good.

Worth It featuring Dankery Harv is as good a place to dive in as any on an album packed with solid collaborative efforts. We don’t think he’ll have to be too lucky to see some hit singles off this release.

Listen to it here.


Ali - Vieux Farka Touré & Khruangbin

Artist: Vieux Farka Touré & Khruangbin

Ali, the album, is an interesting collaboration between Vieux Farka Toure (who is the son of Mali’s guitar guru Ali) and Khruangbin a Houston-based trio. It’s a beautiful record but not one that’s afraid to say its piece, either.

Savanne is a good example of this, it talks about the frustrations of how the African diaspora often ends up trapped in menial, poorly paid work while railing at the situation at home and poorly thought out Western intervention.

Listen to it here.

A Fungus Amungus

Sparkle Beings - Angelica Sanchez Trio

Artist: Angelica Sanchez Trio

Sparkle Beings, the album title, alludes to friends, colleagues, and other worthy figures that sparked the artist’s imagination. And yes, that means this is a tribute to those people.

A Fungus Amungus opens this complex record with a clever free-form take on the original that adds energy and power to the record. It’s one of the most interesting jazz records of the year, so far.

Listen to it here.

Three Essays: First Essay (Nimrod)

Evergreen - Caroline Shaw & Attacca Quartet

Artist: Caroline Shaw & Attacca Quartet

Evergreen is the second time that Caroline Shaw, the Pulitzer Prize winner for composition, has teamed up with New York’s Attacca String Quartet. It’s divided into roughly three acts and Three Essays: First Essay Nimrod announces the first (and in our opinion, best) act.

It’s a clever, bold instrumental piece that is graceful and clever and lends a modern touch to the quartet’s interpretation of the piece.

Listen to it here.

It’s Not Me

Leaving Ashwood - Whitney Fenimore

Artist: Whitney Fenimore

Leaving Ashwood was released this week on the back of three singles and our pick of those singles is “It’s Not Me” which she says is about “our personal lives and different stories about narcissistic people we had encountered” referring to a conversation she had with co-writer Nick Kingswell.

The rest of the album talks about the perceived oppression for those growing up LGBT and the struggle to grow into who you really are.

Listen to it here.

Dream Another

In These Times - Makaya McCraven

Artist: Makaya McCraven

In These Times is the hybrid jazz drummer’s latest record and it’s a testament to their skill and their ability to blend complex rhythms.

This is an album that is never afraid to lead the listener to unknown lands and Dream Another is a great example of a track that you have no idea how it will end, when it begins.

Listen to it here.

The Crack Where The Light Gets In

Still, Here - Marisa Anderson

Artist: Marisa Anderson

Still, Here is an instrumental folk/country album, as you’d expect, that allows Marisa’s guitar to do all the talking.

The Crack Where the Light Gets In is our chosen piece because it’s the track that gets closest to the structure of a song, the others are bigger in ambition and more broad in nature, so it’s the perfect jumping-off point for an evocative, delicate album that shares emotions rather than creating them.

Listen to it here.

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