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The Best New Music of the Week: August 10, 2022


ARTIST: Koroko

The opening track from Kokoroko’s debut album, Tojo is a big soulful number that reminds you of the band’s Nigerian roots and English home.

The spacey electronica on display gives this a 70s feel that is vibrant and exciting.

This is Afrobeat, in a way that we all want it to be.


Hover Like A GODDESS


“Every woman deserves to be worshiped,” WILLOW says of the Chris Greatti-produced track.

According to Willow, this song is an ode to the divine goddess within us all.

If you know WILLOW, you know what to expect, this is an incredible vocal performance.


Cum Yah

ARTIST: Tosh Alexander

The best Jamaican-American in the game is back and we find a fusion of Brooklyn, Florida, and Jamaica in this blend of dancehall and RnB.

It kicks off with a chant-like sound to hook the listener and then reels you in.

My time to drive di boat, mi ah di captain” And she, so, is. 


Swamp Bitches

Swamp Bitches

ARTIST: Doechii (feat. Rico Nasty)

The best rap of the week comes from Doechii’s new Ep she/her/black bitch and it’s the opening track Swamp Bitches.

This is fast and fluid and Doechii’s direct delivery makes it easy for Rico to land the blows on their haters.

Got heat wit’ the Rico, that bitch started singin’ like she was on Glee.


The Meridian Brothers and El Grupo Renacimiento

The Meridian Brothers

ARTIST: Bomba Atomica

This is a record that tries to emulate the ’70s sound of the golden age of salsa dura,” says Eblis Álvarez the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who composed the album from which this single is drawn.

It focuses on an imaginary collaboration with an imaginary salsa band – El Grupo Renacimiento. It’s as much a deep dive into salsa’s past as it is into the future of the music.


Hand In Hand Through Wonderland

ARTIST: Mall Grab

The album may be full of ups and downs but this single is all ups.

Hand in Hand Through Wonderland is full of nothing but light sparkling electro to the background of soft hi-hats and banging pads.

It’s exactly what you want from the synth master that is Jordon Alexander. 


Beach House

ARTIST: Carly Ray Jepsen

The second single from the new album The Loneliest Time is Beach House. “I got a beach house in Malibu and I’m probably going to hurt your feelings.”

It’s all about the disappointment of the dating scene and while she didn’t hurt our feelings, she did make us dance. 



ARTIST: The 1975

If you’ve got a hankering for the 1980s heyday of pop, you’re going to love this new single from The 1975’s upcoming album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language.

The combination of free guitars and whispering saxophones brings to mind everything from the decade from George Michael to Whitney and in the best way possible. 


Waiting For The Storm

ARTIST: Ikebe Shakedown

This Big Band inspired instrumental track is exactly what you need from Ikebe Shakedown, an act that just cannot be pigeonholed in today’s music scene.

This is the perfect introductory single for their new album Kings Left Behind


Muscle Memory

ARTIST: Art Moore

This is the title track of Art Moore’s new record and it’s what happens when you soak your favorite folk sound in a gallon of synth.

If you want that epic feel with personal songwriting which was “inspired by the many phases of life we go through and the friendships that exist within them that inevitably transform as we continue through life,” then this is the track for you.


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