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Promises by Misty River

misty river

If you’re into Allison Kraus and Brandi Carlile then soon, you’re going to be a fan of Misty River, we’d almost guarantee it. Misty hails from Dublin, where her father comes from, but her music’s equally as full of her…

The Blacklist by Metallica

the blacklist

If you don’t already know it, metal’s most influential album turned 30 this year and yes, there’s a re-release of The Black Album out with an absolutely insane 26-disc set.  As we don’t have time to listen to that (I…

Fugazi by Marillion

fugazi album cover

Reissue There is no band that I hold greater affection for than Fish-era Marillion, so I was super excited to hear that Fugazi was getting (another) remaster and multi-disc release this September. After all, there can never be too much…