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No Music On A Dead Planet Is Certainty

There can be no music on a dead planet.

And if we don’t take action on climate change soon, that may be the ultimate outcome.  

We’re pleased to report, however, that there’s a change afoot in the music industry to keep music alive along with the planet.

The Music Industry’s Contribution To Fighting Climate Change: The Music Climate Pact

While individual artists have been super vocal on the subject, if there’s a voice that’s been absent in the fight against climate change, it’s been the music industry as a whole, but that looks set to change now.

The recent announcement of the Music Climate Pact marks the first moment of unity within the industry and a strong will to do something about climate change rather than sitting on the sidelines observing it. 

The Music Climate Pact

The Music Climate Pact is an iniitative that was first proposed by the UK’s Assocation of Independent Music and it’s supported by a host of record labels and music groups from major internationals to independents. 

Sony, Beggars Group, BMG, Warner, AIM, Universal, Brownswood Recordings and more have led the drive for a greener planet.

The UN’s Involvement

All the signatories of this pact have agreed to join one of two different official initatives by February 2022. 

They are the Science Based Targets Initative and the UN’s Race to Zero SME Climate Commitment

This means that the comanies involved aren’t able to create their own industy smoke screen for poor environmental behaviors, they will be held to account by a public body and everyone should be able to follow their progress. 

The pact has already won the support of the UN environmental Programme and it’s seen as a huge step in creating a unified strategy in the industry that will have real teeth when it comes to pushing eco-change. 

Of course, each organization will be free to deliver on its commitments through any means it sees fit and it can seek support from AIM’s Climate Action Group, Near-Mint Vinyl, IMPALA, Carbon Calculator and more if it feels that it needs it. 

We like that there’s a commitment to open data sharing between group members which ought to promote faster change and help to learn lessons that can prevent future mistakes too. 

The Small Print: The Actual Commitment

There is a formal commitment and the small print of the pact boils down to:

  • Each business commits to firstly measure their greenhouse gas emissions and then go about trying to eliminate such emissions or offset them
  • Each business commits to sign on with one of the two initatives mentiond above – this means setting science based targets and being held accountable for them
  • Each business pledges to work with the others to establish industry standard methodologies, tools, frameworks, etc. and that they will be backed by scientific evidence and data
  • Each business agrees to work with their suppliers and on their digital platforms to collaborate fully on driving down carbon emissions
  • Each business will support any artist that wishes to take a stand on climate change or other ecological issues
  • Each business has said it will communicate openly wiht music fans to explain the impact of their actions

There will be no music on a dead planet. So, we welcome the steps taken by the industry to help combat climate change and we hope that this era of transparency and data driven action will lead to a thriving future for everyone. 

You can get more info here.