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Outside The Chateau Apartments by Garden Gloves

Torri Weidinger and Jackson Wooten have joined forces and the end result is Garden Gloves, an indie folk duo of some considerable talent.

Their first project together is Outside The Chateau Apartments which turns out to be a very well-refined project, indeed.

On songs like Somewhere Forever and Elegy the way that the two artists’ voices interleave is really impressive and it’s nice to see their vocal talents take center stage to a gentle guitar backdrop.

Lover, I is a song that dreams of escape from the mundane world and into one where we can truly fulfil our own potential and it’s glorious.

And the EP wraps up with a giddying instrumental piece in 55 degrees which just feels right, somehow.

The artists say that the Outside The Chateau Apartments is all about the importance of finding your place and your home in this world and we think that when you find it, you’ll want to listen to this EP in it. 

You can stream a copy here.

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