Physical by Olivia Newton John


Olivia Newton-John grabbed the public’s attention thanks to her role as Sandy Dee in Grease and her solo career never quite reached the same heights.

And this is a shame, because not only is it cruel to write Physical off as a one-hit wonder, it’s not true and it’s also one of the best examples of 80s rock/pop blended together by any artist.

In fact, there’s no filler on this album, people may have sneered at the time, but every track stands on its own and it may explain how come Ms. Newton John had amazing sales during the 80s, even though the critics offered very little love at the time.

Silvery Rain, the Cliff Richard cover, is a song about pollution, yes, back in the 80s, they were already going green…

The Promise (The Dolphin Song) continues the environmental theme too. 

And if you want to dance then Physical, Landslide and Make A Move On Me (the major single releases) are all perfect for it. 

It’s time for everyone to get Physical. Literally. This 40th anniversary release is a tribute to a golden era of pop music even if the music press didn’t get it at the time. 

You can grab a copy here.

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