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clint ward

Clint Ward | Clint is a music industry veteran. He’s currently head of marketing at Roland Cloud and is co-founder at New World Music.

Clint was a founder at Emagic North America and worked at both Apple and Line 6. He’s a passionate music fan he heads The New Music Collective.

Clint’s New Music Monday podcasts are legendary for their unique insights and prescient support of emerging artists.

Tune in each week as Clint tees off on all the latest sounds from around the world! The bookies in London don’t lock in their odds on the Grammies before checking with this guy.

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Dr. David Jager confounds your ears each month with his absurdly profound take on music and life in general with his popular podcast Track Hound.

We’re almost certain someone has remarked, “This guy Jager… he’s listenable!” Tune in on the 15th of each month when he lays down another episode for his listeners. Cool music. Geeky prizes. Dog walking.

Freelance creative guy. Musician. Writer. Doer of things. Music.Art. Life. All the things.

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