Pretenders II by The Pretenders


With both of The Pretenders’ first albums being reissued this week in new double CD sets with extra tracks, we had to make a choice as to which one to review.

We opted for Pretenders II, though there’s no doubt that Pretenders is also worth getting if you want to enjoy Chrissy Hynde and her gang at their finest. 

We made our decision based on the fact that Pretenders II is simply more of a good thing, in every way. 

It’s the same band line up, the same production team at work, and the songwriting is still lean and mean. 

And that really means everything is just a notch better than it was the first time around. 

However, if you’re a long time fan and wondering, “what’s in this for me?” 

Don’t worry, the collection of bonus material is epic and it includes demo versions of songs as well as a full gig at the Santa Monica in 1981.

You can grab a copy online here.

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