Promises by Misty River

If you’re into Allison Kraus and Brandi Carlile then soon, you’re going to be a fan of Misty River, we’d almost guarantee it.

Misty hails from Dublin, where her father comes from, but her music’s equally as full of her mother’s cultural roots and she was from Trinidad.

Promises almost didn’t see the light of day, she’s been suffering from chronic illness for a very long time now and it seemed uncertain that she’d ever manage to record a full length release.

We’re glad that she did though because this album is truly memorable and it deals with Misty’s desire to overcome the adversity in her life.

Her first single, Take This Dance, appeared in the movie “A Phone Call” and the documentary “A Secret Love” and it’s a great introduction to these sweet vocals combined with such soulful melody. 

We’re big fans of these country-folk anthems and the blues influence is ever-present and it keeps things interesting and emotive throughout. 

Promises is one of the strongest debuts we’ve heard in a very long time. 

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