Scenic Drive by Khalid

Sometimes, an artist gets an urge to deliver more than they promised, and that’s what Khalid set out to do with Scenic Drive.

He promised an EP, he delivered an LP, sadly, for all of us, he might have been better off keeping his original promise.

The title track is excellent and Scenic Drive makes a really positive impression, as does Backseat which is, without doubt the best track on the album. 

The trouble is that there’s too much of the same on this album to hold your attention for long, even the excellent guest appearances can’t distinguish each track from the next.

If Khalid was setting out to become the easy listening star of the R&B world with Scenic Drive, there’s no doubt that he has succeeded. 

But if you were hoping for something a bit more radical and genre defining? This is more miss than hit. 

He says as he opens up, “Thank you for tuning into Scenic Drive, we’re here tonight to provide the vibe so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.”

The trouble is that for much of this record we were so relaxed, that we forgot we were on the ride. 

You can grab a copy here.

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