Senjutsu by Iron Maiden

The first time I saw Iron Maiden was when I was a 16-year old whippersnapper and they were doing a secret gig on Bruce Dickinson’s first solo tour and they were electrifying.

It’s fair to say that they changed my life and brought a lifetime of metal to my front door and there’s nothing I look forward to with more anticipation and dread than a new Iron Maiden album.

With Senjutsu, the question was would the Irons return to the kind of form they found on Brave New World when Dickinson triumphantly returned to the fold or would they wuss out?

The single, The Writing On The Wall, was certainly hopeful of great things to come but did they nail it?

I think they did. 

This double album is full of epic tunes that take no prisoners and it may help to “Remember that patience is no sin” (as Bruce sings on The Parchment) when listening to an album that takes time to unfold and demonstrate the glories within. 

Once you hit Death of the Celts, you’ll be in no doubt, the Irons are back and they are still masters of the metal game. 

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