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Silence: Lectures and Writings Is A Masterpiece

John Cage is one of the most experimental composers on the planet and it’s quite possible that American avant-garde wouldn’t exist without him. Thankfully, he brings his considerable talents together in Silence: Lectures and Writings

This is one of the most ambitious works in the history of music, even now 50 years after its first publication, and one of the most influential and deservedly so.


Why We Love Silence

Silence, contends John Cage, is impossible. You cannot create an empty space or an empty time or an empty sonic space. Sound occurs whether you want it to or not.

This leads him to believe that humanity and nature are not separate entities but joined in harmony and that nothing is ever truly lost.

And somehow, he brings us to believe it too, with a fun and lively examination of the infinite but always in context with music.

Final Thoughts

We love Silence not just because it’s written by John Cage but because it’s much more than a music book, it’s a unique personal philosophy.

If you truly want to broaden your mind, John offers a fun path to follow to do so. We’re glad we went along for the journey and think you will be too.

You can grab a copy online here.

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