Snowglobe Theory by Kill Bill

Kill Bill’s return this year has been eagerly anticipated and the rappers among us have been dying to hear Snowglobe Theory, but when it arrived did they like what they heard?

For the most part, they did, the second half of the album, in particular, shines and there’s no doubt that songs like Spaceman and Destiny Bond justify the purchase price.

However, that doesn’t mean that Snowglobe Theory is the definitive Kill Bill album, far from it, in fact. 

The production quality is substantially worse than on previous records, though it is remarkably consistent for it and the new synth sound isn’t going to appeal to everyone either. 

This probably reflects that Bill himself was the producer and while it was a brave experiment, we don’t think that it’s reaped sufficient reward for the moment. 

And there are times when the vocals sound less “rap” and more “spoken word” too. 

That doesn’t mean that Snowglobe Theory isn’t worth your time, it is and it’s not a bad release following such a long break from putting out new music but it’s not the classic that we’d hoped for, either. 

You can grab a copy here.

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