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Songs for Haters, According To Strong People


When people start bringing you down, then it’s time to look for some inspiration to overcome the haters.

It’s a not-so-lighthearted topic filled with strong and tragic symbolism but the truth is everyone has their haters and many of the most famous people had to deal with school bullies.

It can help to remember that an emotional bully is often trapped in their own self-loathing but it also can’t hurt to listen to these songs as you do.

Artists Against Bullying – True Colours

The music video for this rock song incorporates a ton of artists who say that they’ve been where you’ve been.

They know the bully underneath that school girl who keeps picking on you and they want you to know you’re not alone.

The good news? This song tells about how you will find real friendship and your dark story will eventually be replaced with a more positive one.

Listen to it here.

All American Rejects – Gives You Hell

All American Rejects - Gives You Hell

This is a positive song that encourages you to give all the haters the finger. It says that you should stand tall and remember that nobody else has any power over your happiness.

A bully’s target is much less tempting when they face the world with strength.

Listen to it here.

Meredith Brooks – Bitch

Meredith Brooks - Bitch

This song, about a teenage mother lashing back at the hater’s perspective and instead of turning the other cheek – says to harness your anger (though it does not condone violence) and use it to rise above the people who torment you.

Listen to it here.

Lily Allen – Fuck You

Lily Allen - Fuck You

This was originally targeted at the “poor fella” George Bush but has become the anthem of those who feel downtrodden.

It’s blunt in its criticism of hating and meanness of any kind. Bully victims are going to find a lot to like here and who knows? It may turn the occasional bully into a regretful bully too.

Listen to it here.

Jill Scott – Hate On Me

Jill Scott - Hate On Me

The kids tormented Jill Scott via the Internet and she wrote this song to take back the hurt that was caused when the bullies assaulted her with their words.

“You can try as you may to bring me down when I say, that it ain’t up to you, go on, do what you do.”

Listen to it here.

Katy Perry – Firework

Katy Perry - Firework

Katy’s message here is simple. She wants you to set off the firework inside yourself. Let the spark in you turn into something great and push away those that cause you hurt and pain.

We feel like Ms. Perry really knows what it takes to rise to the top.

Listen to it here.

Taylor Swift – Mean, A Hater Song

Taylor Swift - Mean, A Hater Song

Taylor Swift sang, “I bet you got pushed around, somebody made you cold, but the cycle ends right now..”

This is a straight-up anti-bullying tune which that says don’t let your bully’s substance abuse or heartless ex-girlfriend become your problem.

Taylor’s built her music career on overcoming the bullies of the music industry, and she knows what she’s talking about.

Listen to it here.

David Guetta – Titanium

David Guetta - Titanium

If you’re titanium (an incredibly hard metal) then you can’t be harmed. That’s what this song is telling you, become like titanium and your enemies can never hurt you.

“I’m criticized, but all your bullets ricochet, shoot me down, but I get up…”

Listen to it here.

Rihanna Ft Dwayne Husbands – Dem Haters

Rihanna Ft Dwayne Husbands - Dem Haters

This is one for all the backstabbers out there – those people who are always nice to our faces but are lining up to do us down when our backs are turned.

Rihanna’s right “get dem haters out your circle.”

Listen to it here.

Kanye West – Runaway

Yes, even huge stars like Kanye have to deal with bullies. This song is his personal message to his critics in the media and it’s a clear demand that they should back off and let him do this thing.

Listen to it here.

Christina Aguilera – Fighter

Christina Aguilera - Fighter

Christina Aguilera is said to have grown up in a dark environment where she never felt safe and this song is all about how she overcame that and dealt with the bullies around her to become a winner.

Listen to it here.

Pink – Fucking Perfect

Pink - Fucking Perfect

Pink’s almost incoherent expression of rage against all the things and people that bring us down is also a message of hope. You can get through this, “Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood… look, I’m still around.”

Listen to it here.

If you’re having issues with bullying, remember the bully’s wrong, you’re a real person who doesn’t deserve nasty name-calling and if necessary, seek help from someone outside of the situation.

But if it’s just been a bad day at the hands of a recently jilted teenage girl? then sit down with these songs and let thoughts of bullies drop from your mind.

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