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Thank-You, Teddy Grossman, We Are Ready

Retro Soul? Americana Soul? Whichever bucket this ends up in, we urge you to savor it. Don’t waste great talent!

This is a great example of a super-talented artist on the fringe not getting their deserved engagement or if you are in the industry, and trying to make it, this is in my opinion, a litmus to knowing ‘how good is your music?’

Ready is the latest release from Teddy Grossman’s debut EP entitled Soon Come. I shared his first single Power in Pain when it dropped but I just went back to give the record another spin.

It’s Really Good Retro Soul

What a voice! Great playing and the songs are very strong as well with solid production. It’s hard to find a blemish here at all.

Over the course of 2021 he had some articles written about him (see American Songwriter, New Commute & UPROXX Indie Mix Tape), he pulled whatever levers he could find and even with a super-solid debut he still only has a modest 5,506 Monthly Spotify Listeners. That’s about 15,000 Worldwide Monthly Listeners.

teddy grossman musician

How can this be possible? With a voice like this?

With the two super solid songs, Leave it on the Line and Power in Pain?

I would bet if these songs hit the radio waves anywhere between 1975 and 1995 he would have more than fifteen thousand fans. Many more.

Here Is The Rub

teddy grossman

This guy quit his day job, made the trek to LA and is now pursuing this full force. He really does need some of us to ‘notice’ him. He deserves it.

All I can do is share this EP in the hopes someone clicks play, shares it as well. Or we lose yet another talented artist back to the day job grind and thus muting a voice I think needs to be heard.

Please Share If You Care! 

Teddy, if you read this, you have a god given thing that I hope you get to keep sharing full time. I hope you have another LP in the works as part of this grind kinda requires a catalog or work and many times, the second or third EP/LP release will pop, but all those new fans will go ‘back catalog’ to this awesome piece of work. Thank you!