Stumblin’ Home by Garrett Neiles

Garrett Neiles says that there’s a pretty simple explanation for his song Stumblin’ Home which is also the debut single from an album to be released early in 2022.

He says it’s all about going out with his mates and having too much of a good time and the inevitable end of the night. 

It’s meant to be an anthem to having fun, to be sung raucously in a bar at closing time. 

The video accompanying the single is plenty energetic too with Garrett bouncing around on roofs and under neon lights.

But what’s the music like? It’s one of those pleasant college rock style tunes that gets under your skin, you start listening with a bit of a shrug, what’s new? 

But by the end of the track, you’re tapping your feet and your thoughts are drifting to a Friday night with your own friends.

That would suggest that Garrett’s got a great chance of his vision coming true and maybe some time soon, we’ll all be Stumblin’ Home. 

We certainly hope so and we’re looking forward to the album

You can grab a copy here.

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