Super Tecmo Bo by Boldy James And the Alchemist

Boldy James has made a lot of good music recently and we were keen to find out if a pairing with The Alchemist was going to keep the ball rolling or derail the train.

Oddly, if the opening track Level Tipping Scales was anything to go by, we’d be fishing this train out of a pond but fortunately, it’s the only truly weak track on Super Tecmo Bo.

Things improve considerably with No Laughing Matter and Ice Cold Bishop lends a hand with Hot Water Tank which is a genuine treat. 

However, while the album hits plenty of high points on the way to the finisher Francois and absolutely excels with Guilt, this is an oddly uneven journey.

There’s a lot to recommend Super Tecmo Bo but at times it feels like a collection of singles rather than an album, which is probably good news for those who get their music on random play on Spotify but which disappoints those of us looking for a little more coherence.

We’d suggest giving this a listen before you buy and making up your mind for yourself as to which camp you’re in. 

You can grab a copy here.

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