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Teaser And The Firecat by Cat Stevens

50th Anniversary (Reissue)

50 years after release seems like a good time to celebrate the album that made Cat Stevens a truly household name. 

Teaser and The Firecat shows just how good the man, who is now Yusuf Islam, was at composing songs and creating glorious melodies for them. 

The song that everyone knows from the album, whether they know it’s by Cat Stevens or not, is Morning has Broken and it sounds as fabulous today as it did back then.

But let’s not forget such delights as Moonshadow and Peace Train, songs that made Cat Stevens one of the legends of the 1970s. 

The reissue is a bit confusing as there are several versions of the album that have been put out each with extra material such as singles, demos, alternative versions, live material, etc. but if you buy the one that you can afford? 

You won’t go far wrong. 

We can’t imagine that there’s a single music lover out there that wouldn’t enjoy Teaser and the Firecat, it’s simply that good. 

You can grab a copy here.

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