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Technical Ecstasy (Super Deluxe Edition – Reissue) by Black Sabbath

If you’re a Black Sabbath fan then you’ve probably already made your mind up about Technical Ecstasy.

It represented the end of Ozzy’s first period with the band and it didn’t exactly set the world on fire (or the charts) when it was released in 1976. 

So, why should we care about this reissue? Well, because it’s a brilliant album from a band that had already made 6 brilliant albums by this time. It just got lost in the noise. 

We can agree that the cover of Technical Ecstasy sucks, mind you, it really didn’t say “Black Sabbath” at all, but as soon as you get to “You Won’t Change Me”, you know that this is Sabbath and it rules. 

The bass line on “All Moving Parts (Stand Still)” is superlative and it shows that Black Sabbath knew their honky-tonk as well as their blues. 

And the ballad, “She’s Gone” is Ozzy at his finest proving, beyond a doubt, that he can sing as well as Dio or Martin when given the material to work with. 

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