Texis by Sleigh Bells

There’s always a lot to unpack with a Sleigh Bells album and Texis is no different.

It’s a challenge but a rewarding one that shows that there’s still life in the band even now, a decade and six albums since they caught the public ear. 

All I have to do is breathe,” they sing on Tennessee Tips and to be fair, there are moments that you’ll need to catch your breath as the lyrics touch on the way anxiety and relief combine as the music unfolds chaotically around them. 

I loved the hints of 80s pop in the electronic mire and the super catchy vocals on “Knowing” though there was no let up on the relentless mechanical beat throughout. 

What makes this among the best of Sleigh Bells’ releases is the sense of fun that underpins everything, it may bring out a whole range of emotions, but it never fails to bring you back to feeling good. 

You can’t ask for much more than that, can you?

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