The Blacklist by Metallica

If you don’t already know it, metal’s most influential album turned 30 this year and yes, there’s a re-release of The Black Album out with an absolutely insane 26-disc set. 

As we don’t have time to listen to that (I mean, we love Metallica, but nobody needs to hear them in concert 25 times singing roughly the same set list, that’s for die hard fans looking for punishment), we opted for The Blacklist this week, instead.

This is The Black Album reimagined by dozens of artists from Miley Cyrus to Jose Madero and each artist gets to reinterpret a single track on the album in their own musical style. 

It’s a lot more interesting than 25 live sets but it’s also fair to say that not every cover feels like a masterpiece. 

That’s only to be expected, I guess, if you hear Biffy Clyro’s cover of Holier than Thou and then Moses Sumney doing The Unforgiven, you could be forgiven (no pun intended) for having a favorite. 

I suspect that this is a release that will bear a lot of repeat listens and you may find that your favorites change over time. 

The Blacklist is a great way to celebrate a metal legend.

You can grab a copy online here.

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