The Bolic Sound Sessions by Ike and Tina Turner


Ike Turner’s name has long since disappeared from the public eye thanks to his ex-wife’s illustrious career since they went their separate ways but The Bolic Sound Sessions show just how good they were together (at least in song, if not in matrimony). 

The “Bolic Sound” was a studio which Ike owned and was named after “Tina Bullock”, Bullock being his wife’s maiden name. He bought the building, stripped it down and renovated it and then they began recording it. 

The studio would later burn to the ground in mysterious circumstances but these recordings survived. Though they’re marked as a “reissue”, these are the first time that these songs have come to light in the digital age and they’re fresh and exciting to the listener. 

Ike may have been a terrible husband but his music is far from terrible and The Bolic Sound Sessions serves as a solid sampler of all the different styles that he experimented with. 

The live tracks are also a nice addition to round off the 2-CD set and give you just a taste of what one of rock’s most standout couples of the 1970s would have been like, if you’d been fortunate enough to see them.

You can listen online here.

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