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The Complete Atlantic Singles by Barbara Lewis


Barbara Lewis, the 1960s soul singer, is no longer a household name (if she ever was, to be fair).

We truly hope this reissue of all her singles on the Atlantic label will help her reach a new audience.

The Complete Atlantic Singles has been well remastered and the sound production is top tier. The sound of Lewis’ voice is wonderful, it delivers exactly the qualities that made her unique in the golden age of Motown and Atlantic. 

The big hit on this collection is “Hello Stranger” which hit number 3 on the Billboard charts back in 1963. Nearly 50 years later, it’s still fabulous and really plays to Lewis’ strengths.

Sadly, despite her talent, Barbara Lewis never really dominated the charts and many of the 34 singles on this collection were not big hits in their day.

But maybe they should have been? Because songs like “Someday We’re Gonna Love Again” and “I’ll Make Him Love Me” are superlatively good. 

In fact, there are no bad performances here at all, though not every song is a classic – there are enough gems to make this an excellent addition to a soul fan’s collection.

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