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The Magnificent Seven by The Waterboys

Reissue Of Sorts

Is it really a reissue when the collection includes a bunch of bootlegs? We’ll let you decide on that but we’re still going to recommend that you listen to The Waterboys’ The Magnificent Seven.

Why? Well, while the big hit was The Whole of the Moon, this was a band that delivered an incredible array of work in a very short time period (15 months) and it’s absolutely worth anyone’s time.

The Magnificent Seven is a, in full chronological order, record of their time together and the music they created and it spans four discs (along with a remaster of the Room to Roam album on another disc). 

On top of that, there’s a DVD of bootleg recordings which are a huge amount of fun and give you the opportunity to connect with their live work in a way that wasn’t possible before this box set was released. 

We wish all great bands could put together a collection as definitive as The Magnificent Seven and whether you’re a fan or just wanting a taste of the magic, this is a purchase worth making.

You can grab a copy here.

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