The Witness by Suuns

We all know what to expect from Suuns, right? Relentlessly experimental indie rock that always goes just a bit too far to be timeless.

Except, The Witness defies our expectations, instead of rambling on as they have in the past, they’ve tightened up considerably, and now we have, perhaps, the most cohesive record that they’ve ever made.

And it’s easier on the ear too, check out Timebender, for example, where you’d have expected some aural assault, you’ve got a gentle touch, instead.

Shemie talks to us about the transition too, on Third Stream, you hear “I don’t want to wear this mask, to conceal, the way I feel.”

And we believe it, here, at last, he opens his soul and lets the listener fully in and we are all the richer for it.

Occasionally, things stray a little too far from the path and we find ourselves stuck in a place which is almost too shy or too idealistic to fully resonate, but only occasionally.

This Montreal group’s greatest days are probably still ahead of them, but in The Witness, we can finally be certain that they can attain greatness.

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