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The World Is A Beautiful Place by Illusory Walls

If there’s a prize for the longest album name of the year, then Illusory Walls’ latest release has to be in the running for it.

The full name of this fourth studio offering is “The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die”. Many of the songs on the album have similar length names too.

However, if you know the band, you were probably expecting something along these lines and won’t be disappointed. That’s because they’ve blended the prog, emo, post-rock and song writing talents of their previous releases and taken them to the next level.

The opening track “Afraid to Die” starts calm and begins to build as it progresses, this is a rock album. The wonderfully named, “We Saw Birds Through The Hole In The Ceiling”, does something very similar later on. 

It’s the superb “Invading The World Of The Guilty As A Spirit Of Vengeance” that brings out the dark undercurrents here. 

Lyrically, there’s plenty to admire here. It’s an intelligent criticism of the world of the 2020s rather than an angry outburst and it really works. 

Overall? Illusory Walls can be proud of this release, it feels like a natural progression of their journey and clearly marks their progress since the beginning.

You can grab a copy online here.

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