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Things Take Time, Take Time by Courtney Barnett

Australia’s modern answer to Bob Dylan, Courtney Barnett, is back with Things Take Time, Take Time and it’s a tribute to patience and the fine details of crafting masterful songs. 

The lead single Rae Street is a good portent of what’s to come and this simple ode to the singer’s realization that materialism might be no good is laid back and feels good, “Time is money, and money is no man’s friend.

It’s not all high points though If I Don’t Hear From You Tonight and Sunfair Sundown, most definitely are top notch.

There’s also a sense of loss since Bones Sloan, Dan Luscombe and Dave Mudie weren’t invited to the party and songs like Here’s The Thing suffer for it. There’s a wee lack of “musicianship” here for want of a better word.

Overall though, this is what we’d hoped for from Courtney. It’s an uplifting, intelligent album that showcases her gift for a poetic turn of phrase and her empathy for others.

You can grab a copy here

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