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This Is Your Brain on Music, According To A Neuroscientist

Have you ever wondered what effect music has on your brain? Daniel J Levitin did. 

And given that the former rocker is now a neuroscientist, he was very well positioned to answer that question too.

The result was This Is Your Brain On Music.

This Is Your Brain on Music

Why We Love This Is Your Brain on Music

Daniel Levitin asserts that a love of music is, essentially, a love of being human (and we couldn’t agree more). 

He discovered how it is that composers exploit the pleasure centers of our brains when they create the music we listen to.

One of the most interesting questions he answers is why we become so attached to the music that we listen to during our formative, teenage years. 

And he learned that anyone can be good at music because it’s a question of talent not skill that makes a musical expert.

This Is Your Brain On Music is fantastic fun and alongside Oliver Sacks’ Musicophilia, it’s the most comprehensive look at why our brains love music as you can get.

You can grab a copy online here.

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