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Thunder Jackson Debut Is Overlooked Gem

Nominee: Artist or LP of 2021 <Seedub Picks>

Tracy and I are ruminating over the last year of new artists and new releases by artists.

thunder jackson

We are discussing the best of 2021 and an upcoming playlist celebrating the year in music.

It’s instantly clear, without a doubt for both of us, that Thunder Jackson is a solid candidate for LP of the year.

Also, it’s an easy top 5 debut of the year if not the last two or three.

The Thunder story is so good and the LP is just chalk full of great songs; a homage to the 80’s combined with Thunder’s totally gifted voice.

This is is his debut!!

The Kid can just blow. I thought for sure this LP would blow up.

Thunder had huge plans to grind the tours to support this LP but COVID screwed that. He is still out there – grinding the LP.

His writing partner Peter Lawrie Winfield is a stand-up, deeply talented artist and I followed him with Until The Ribbon Breaks. For me, these two artists were the cauldron in which this stand out LP came to reality.

Thank you Thunder and thank you Peter. This LP should have exploded.

This our first candidate for Album of the Year and Artist Debut of the year: Thunder Jackson. We have a bunch of the songs memorized.

For Ballad of the Year – perhaps Track of the Year – Caroline.

The one thing Tracy just said and I agree is that the entire LP is almost all great songs. Maybe one that is not as great but you still sing it when it comes on. Most awesome falsetto.

Yea – it’s in the lead for me.

Listen to the whole album here.

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