Unity by The KVB

Manchester’s coldwave stars are back with Unity but has the KVB managed a leap forward or taken a giant step back? 

Well, the first thing we noticed when giving it a spin is how many different influences from the genre’s greats are in the mix, you can pick up hints of everything from Kraftwerk to New Order here.

It starts out a little gloomy but hits its pace with Unite which is absolutely destined to be a dancefloor hit. 

Unbound, the most recent single, has a glorious synth line that absolutely evokes the 80s but brings a touch of shoegaze to the party to create something genuinely unique.

We were also pleased to hear the track “The KVB” which definitely has hints of Underworld about it. 

By the time we’d finished, we’d thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, mainly because listening to Unity is like listening to so many of your favorite artists in a single package.

That’s quite an achievement and we can strongly recommend that you check out Unity for yourself. 

You can grab a copy here.

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