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Valentine by Snail Mail

It’s been three years since Lindsey Jordan stormed onto the scene as Snail Mail with Lush. And back then everyone said she was the “future of indie rock” but was she really? 

And is Valentine, her latest release, going to help build her reputation or destroy it? 

Well, she may have sworn off love in the past, but now she says, “Time tends to pass and make a joke of things,” on Forever (Sailing) and this is an album all about reaching emotional maturity.

And the good news is that it really works.

The folky feel of the previous album is brought more to the fore and her voice is as powerful and rich as ever.

Even with a job that keeps me moving / Most days I just wanna lie down.” She says on c. et. al. and we’re glad that she hasn’t laid down. 

Because Valentine is a lush and exhilarating expose of what it’s like to come into your own while in the public eye and being claimed as “the next big thing”. 

No more, because Snail Mail is officially a big thing, now. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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