Version 2.0 (Reissue) Pink Vinyl by Garbage

OK, so Version 2.0 has been reissued and remastered a lot lately, so, is this review just an excuse to push an album we’ve loved for a long time? 

Yes, it probably is. But as we’ve not reviewed any of the reissues before, it’s OK to celebrate it once, right? 

Many fans claim that Garbage hit their peak on their debut and have been on the downslope ever since.

We disagree, Version 2.0 took the sound of the eponymous first album and refined it to perfection. 

Is there anyone who hears I Think I’m Paranoid or When I Grow Up and doesn’t feel the hair stand up on the back of their neck? 

Other bands may be rockier, and others poppier, but none of them offer the sheer sex appeal and fun of Shirley Manson’s lyrical madness as the frontwoman of Garbage.

You probably already have Version 2.0 and if you do, you don’t need this pink vinyl reissue, nothing significant has changed except the color of the discs.

But if you don’t? You absolutely should buy it now, everyone needs this album in their life. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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