Voyage by ABBA Is A Trip For Super Troupers

In a lot of ways, ABBA’s Voyage is a sensational achievement, the band has, effortlessly, recaptured the sound of the 70s and this feels like an ABBA album, not like a reimagining of the band. 

But was it worth a 40 year wait? Yes, we think it was though with some reservations. 

The songs were written at different points in time and some of them are from the 70s but most of them are new and sometimes, you can feel a bit of a transition between the two eras.

Having said that once you’ve heard Keep An Eye on Dan or Don’t Shut Me Down, you won’t much care. They’ve got all that bubbly addictiveness of 70s ABBA brought right up to date.

It’s not a world beating album like ABBA Gold was but realistically? Who thought that it could be? You only get to stand on top of the pop world once in a lifetime.

It is, however, very, very close and there’s no shame in releasing what is one of 2021’s finest pop albums as it stands. 

Whether you’re here for the nostalgia or for the new, they’ve got you covered and we think Voyage will make people very happy, indeed. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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