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What’s Going On In The Music Industry Today?

Welcome to our new weekly column that tries to round up everything interesting taking place in the music industry each week. 

Mattel Rap Back

Nicki Minaj is involved in a tasty bust-up between Rap Snacks and Mattel. Mattel says that her “Barbie-Que Honey Truffle” chips are in violation of their trademark on the Barbie doll and they want payback.

Future Got Paid

Megan Thee Stallion, on the other hand, is paying out big time, at least, to Future. Apparently, she paid him $250,000 to rap a single verse on her new album Traumazine!

She told the Daily Mail, ‘I had my manager go drop it off to him in a backpack to get me my verse back.’ 

Hip Hop Is Going To School

Howard University was the first school ever to offer a hip-hop specific class back in 1991. But now there’s a whole movement trying to get hip-hop taught in every college. Academics argue that not only is the music advanced enough but it helps to teach black history and culture too!

The Hip Hop Avengers May Have Something Cooking

A recent pic on Instagram has the world excited because it appears Eminem, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are all in the studio working on a project together. Sadly, there’s no detail as to what they’re working on, as yet, but fans are riled up all the same. 

Shockoe Records Enters The Market

In Your Ear Studios has formed a new indie label and it will be led by their co-founder and president Carlos Chaffin. Shockoe is an indigenous phrase that refers to flat rocks or foundations and it’s meant to imbue the label with historical meaning that relates to Richmond. 

Harry Gregson-Williams And Universal Music Production Team Up

This is an interesting collaboration. Harry Gregson-Williams the prolific score writer (credits including the Shrek movies and the recent epic The Last Duel) has teamed up with Universal Music Production to launch a new Film and TV Score Label. It will be called “Scored By: Harry Gregson-Williams”. 

Nicky Moore Passed Away

Samson’s Nicky Moore has died following a long battle against Parkinson’s Disease. He became the lead singer of the band after Bruce Dickinson walked away to join Iron Maiden and also recorded with Tiger, Hackensack and his own act Nicky Moore and the Blues Corporation. 

Medusa Spells Tragedy For Spanish EDM

A man died and more than 40 were injured at the Medusa EDM festival in Spain when high winds brought down a part of the main stage onto the crowd. 

You Can Drink EDM Thanks To Coca-Cola?

Well, yes, according to AdAge – you can. Coca-Cola’s Creations line is ending the year with a beverage called “Coca-Cola Dreamworld” and it’s meant to be inspired by EDM. Taste the beat?

Darius Danesh Passed Away 

In a very sad piece of news, Darius Danesh who made headlines around the world in 2001 when he sang the Britney Spears hit “Baby One More Time” on the UK’s Pop Idol has passed away at the age of just 41. He was found dead at his home in Rochester, Minnesota and the cause of death is currently unknown. 

Latino Artists Get Scammed For Millions

Big stars like Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Anuel AA are out of pocket, big time. They’ve been effectively scammed out of their royalties on the YouTube platform and two men are in court charged with the theft of $23 million! “According to authorities, Terán and Batista had been running what is now one of the largest, if not the largest, music royalty scams known on YouTube in history,” reported Spain’s La Sexta.

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