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Why Do Birds Sing by Violent Femmes


The Violent Femmes’ Why Do Birds Sing? is 30 years old this year and to celebrate, the label has opted for a remastered version for re-release on both vinyl and CD.

For vinyl collectors this is a wonderful piece of news as the original vinyl of Why Do Birds Sing? will set you back at least $100 and possibly quite a bit more, now. 

American Music” was the only single on this album but that doesn’t mean that this is a record with nothing else to say. In fact, even the odd Culture Club cover of “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” helps to illustrate the lighter side of the band’s ethos.

If you opt for the CD version of this remaster, then you’ll also be treated to some of the “working” versions of tracks that would appear later on in their career. 

Color Me Once”, for example, appears in a very low-key form that will delight fans. 

We’re also pleased to see some effort has gone into the liner notes and there are interviews regarding how this album was made.

Why Do Birds Sing? May not be the classic Violent Femmes album, for us that will always be their eponymous debut, but it’s a solid release which is worth revisiting.

The reissue is an improvement on the original in pretty much every way too.

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