Wilds by Andy Shauf

Sometimes, you just want a well-told love story to entertain you and that’s what Andy Shauf does on his excellent new release, Wilds

In fact, this may be the sweetest and most gentle album that we’ve had the good fortune to listen to this year. 

We begin with a song about the singer and “Judy”, his lover, and their time playing the lottery, it’s a clever, witty number that will, eventually, come to be much more significant than it feels when you first hear it.

Then it’s into “Spanish on the Beach”, which is a genuinely sweet tribute to being able to spend time together, in the way that young lovers do. 

And from there, until the exceptional closing track, “Jeremy’s Wedding”, we’re taken on a tour of a relationship that slowly, but surely, begins to show the cracks and eventually sees Judy drift away from him. 

There’s no self-pity here, though, it’s a genuine tribute to an important relationship that doesn’t dwell on the moment of loss except to acknowledge its inevitability.

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